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General Information


Cebu is an elongated island bordered on the west by Tañon Strait and on the east by Cebu Strait. Hilly and mountainous, the entire length of the island from north to south is traversed by a rugged mountain range. The climate is relatively moderate and has no distinct wet or dry season. Called the "City of the South," Cebu is the site of new and exciting business ventures between local and foreign capital. But amidst such hectic commercial activity, Cebu's numerous beach resorts and exhilarating historicity beckon tourists of all races. The city is also blessed with numerous museums and churches.

Points of interest

  • Magellan's Cross - This marks the spot where the first Christian Filipinos, Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana and about 400 of their followers were baptized by Fr. Pedro Valderama.
  • Fort San Pedro - Located in Pier Area, Cebu City. The smallest, oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. This served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the country.
  • Lapulapu Monument - Site where the battle between Mactan Island Chieftain, Lapu - lapu and the foreign aggressor, Ferdinand Magellan occurred in 1521.
  • University of San Carlos - The oldest school in the Philippines established by the Jesuits in 1565.
  • Mactan Island - A coral island and famous for scuba diving where beach resorts of international standards are located.
  • Mage of Santo Niño - Considered the oldest religious relic in the Philippines. The image was given by Ferdinand Magellan to Queen Juana as a baptismal gift on April 14, 1521.
  • Taoist Temple - Located in Beverly Hills, Cebu City, this temple preserves the teachings of Lao-Tse, the 600 BC Chinese philosopher. Everyday people climb its 99 steps to light joss sticks and have their fortune read.

How To Get There

Cebu is 365 nautical miles south of Manila and can be reached in an hour through air travel via Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, and Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific also has regular flights from Mactan to Subic. Philippine Airlines flies direct to Mactan from Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. Cebu can also be reached by boat from neighboring islands and via WG & A from Manila.


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